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"Marvin Siegel is the epitome of the high-level business consultant and trusted advisor.  Marvin's experience is his great differentiator. His track record speaks for itself. Through his astute observations and insights, he brings immense value to a company’s culture."


Marvin Siegel has been an integral part of many corporations and organizations throughout his career, helping them succeed and grow.  He is also the "go to" executive to help bring companies and organizations through tough economic times, leadership transitions, mergers and acquisitions and many other business situations.  Below is a sampling of the many ways Marvin Siegel has proven himself a valuable asset.

  • Created and implemented a structured time and billing system for a 500-attorney law firm that increased cash flow by more than $7 million.

  • Facilitated prudent cash management, personal collection of delinquent accounts and the negotiation of favorable purchasing terms eliminated the use of the firm’s line of credit for more than five years.

  • Evaluated and selected a fully-integrated accounting software system that, among other things, provided for improved billing and collection capabilities, daily and monthly financial reporting, and accountability.  In addition to the negotiated purchase price, was able to obtain more than $100K in additional credits.
  • Reviewed insurance portfolio of a general law firm.  Met with underwriters and updated current insurance needs based upon changes over a period of years.  As a result of personal knowledge of certain unique aspects of insurance matters, especially as related to partners, was able to obtain increased coverage at significantly reduced premiums.

  • Developed a new compensation system for partners in a multi-state law firm based upon such factors as client origination, productivity, and administrative responsibilities.

  • Renegotiated long-term leases with improved terms, i.e., reduced occupancy costs, increased tenant improvement allowances, and other special considerations.

  • Coordinated and oversaw the weekend relocation of a law firm to ensure a seamless transition that resulted in “business as usual” on Monday morning.

  • Analyzed and reviewed numerous professional service firm merger and acquisition candidates.  Met with key decision-makers to review suitability and profitability of potential candidates.  Implemented transitions, where applicable.

  • Improved professional and administrative staff utilization in a 600-person accounting firm.  Analyzed staffing needs to ensure that engagements were assigned to professionals with the appropriate level of experience in order to produce top quality results in the most efficient and profitable manner.

  • Continually reviewed administrative staff to attorney ratio so as to improve efficiency and profitability in a 60+ attorney law firm.

  • Developed and analyzed attorney partner and staff criteria in order to evaluate performance on a semi-annual basis.  Materials provided to compensation committee approximated 100 pages.

  • Assisted a prominent French hypermarket organization in its first U.S. acquisition in the Chicago area financial marketplace with roles as auditor and President of the French-American Chamber of Commerce


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